When I relocated to New Jersey, I was unsure about everything…. Neighborhoods, schools, activities, and where I fit into it all. Robin took the time to help me discover not only where I wanted to live, but also shared her love of the area so that I felt comfortable. Together we found the perfect home and community for me an my family in very little time. Thanks, Robin! You are a class act!

Sarah J.

Robin has been a delight to work with in buying our first home. Whether you’re buying or selling, Robin is a true professional, is extremely knowledgable on her markets, and has an uncanny ability to predict what a home’s “value” really is. Additionally, Robin knows everyone in these towns and has deep experience in all aspects of the home-buying process; not a single thing came up where Robin wasn’t able to guide us and provide a helping hand. But most importantly, it was a long process for us, and Robin stuck with us every step of the way, never making us feel rushed or like we were just another transaction, but at the same time providing us with “tough love” when our expectations were a bit unrealistic or we were otherwise getting bogged down. Robin truly treated us like family, and that is why when we finally found our home we never experienced the typical buyers’ remorse, because we knew Robin was there at our side to make sure we were making the right decision. We highly recommend Robin for any of your real estate needs in the Midtown Direct towns. And if your experience is anything like ours, you’ll not only be lucky enough to enjoy what can typically be a stressful experience, but you’ll also make a true friend in the process. Thanks again, Robin!

Dave and Nev

The Search Continues…

I was lucky enough to meet Robin almost 11 years to the day, and those 11 years we have looked at hundreds of houses in plenty a county and plenty a town, and still almost but no cigar. This is a testament to Robin’s perseverance of finding a home no matter how long or how arduous. The good news for Robin is that over the years I have introduced her to some of her most interested clients who have in fact bought and sold several times, and who have in turn become Benjamanized by Robin herself. As a testament, most recently my mom has found a wonderful house in short hills, having moved away years ago to Palm Beach, and Robin helped make this effortless. So the search continues…and so does my friendship. And as Diana Ross once sang “’Aint no mountain high enough, aint to river wide enough, to keep Robin from finding you the house of your dreams” So with that, it is with great pleasure I sing Robin’s praises.

Paul S