Five Primary Schools in Millburn-Short Hills


Whether you’re a family with kids, a couple, or an individual looking for a home, Millburn township in Essex County, New Jersey is a special place to live.

I should know.   It’s been my home for over 30 years

Established in 1857, this historic township includes the popular hamlet of Short Hills, and is known for its beautiful homes, top rated schools, easy access to New York City, recreation and shopping.  (By the way, a hamlet is simply a component of a larger settlement or municipality.  I thought you’d want to know.)

But what most clients want, as soon as they get in my car, is information about the different neighborhoods that only a long-time resident like myself can provide. Here is what I tell them.

The Township is divided into five residential and primary school districts which offer home buyers a variety of unique locations and impressive homes to choose from. Niche just released a NEW report with the Best Public Elementary Schools in NJ  and ALL our FIVE primary schools were listed in the TOP SIX! Nov, 2014

A NEW Report was just released by Niche Rankings 2015. Ranking the best Elementary School Teachers among 31,706 public elementary schools based on key teaching statistics and district teacher ratings from students and parents. A high ranking indicates that teachers provide a good learning environment, the school is invested in its teachers, the school has enough teachers, and students and parents rate district teachers favorably. Millburn’s 5 primary schools ranked in the TOP 6!


The first things you’ll notice about the Deerfield section are the elegant, stately homes that populate the Beechcroft and Fairfield areas.  Some of the older homes in those sections have been replaced with large new construction.  For home buyers looking for gracious living and a little extra property (and privacy), the Deerfield area of Short Hills is a perfect place to consider.  The Deerfield and Hartshorn area’s have the most NEW construction available. A completely finished 5,000 square foot luxury home on aproximately half acre will start at about $2.5 million.

Close to shopping, transportation (6 min drive) and Deerfield Elementary (where my kids went to school), hikers and dog walkers can spend hours exploring the beautiful trails found in South Mountain Reservation and Old Short Hills Park.  (I walked every mile of those trails with my dogs during the 25 years I lived there.) 

Deerfield School named 2nd Best Elementary School in America


Walkability, convenience and variety are the hallmarks of this lovely verdant area in Short Hills.  Residents are close to shopping (the Short Hills and Livingston Malls), Glenwood Elementary, The Racquets Club (right across from the Short Hills train station!), and the Cora Hartshorn Arboretum, where little explorers are introduced to the world of nature.  (Also recommended for big “explorers” after a hard day at work!)  

Glenwood features a wide variety of desirable homes and price ranges. Homes are average priced $7oo’s- $2 million.   Filled with kids, young families, and designated Historical areas, home buyers are always attracted to the strong sense of neighborhood found in the Glenwood community.  (How special?  I lived there for 5 years and still go back for neighborhood parties!)

The Glenwood School named Best Elementary School in America-2015


Located in the Old Short Hills area of Millburn Township, the Hartshorn District is rich in history.   Originally part of Springfield NJ, the “hills” were traversed by George Washington and his army in 1780 during the Battle of Springfield.   In the mid-1800s, Stewart Hartshorn purchased the land, now named after him, to create a “harmonious” community where people could appreciate nature.

Hartshorn’s vision is still evident today, as residents in this historic area have access to the Cora Hartshorn Arboretum, the South Mountain Reservation, and the Short Hills Park.

The Hartshorn section features magnificent homes that sit on larger lots (often over an acre), shaded by tree-lined streets. This is where the original Hartshorn homes can still be found. These estates can sell anywhere from $4 million plus. The Poets section of Hartshorn (the streets are named after famous poets) features gracious old homes from the 1950’s, many which are being replaced by young families who prefer more modern construction.    (Don’t worry.  Rhyming is not a requirement to live there.)

Walking distance to Hartshorn Elementary and just a five minute drive to the Short Hills train station provides residents of Hartshorn with a combination of convenience, nature and elegance all in one special neighborhood.

Hartshorn School named 3rd Best School in America-2015 

South Mountain

When it comes to charming, tight-knit communities, all within walking distance to just about everything, it doesn’t get much better than South Mountain.

Close to South Mountain Elementary, downtown shopping, the Midtown Direct train, the South Mountain Reservation, Taylor Park and, of course, the famous Millburn Deli (I go there way too often), South Mountain is perfect for families who want easy access to all their neighborhood has to offer.

In addition to “walkability,” South Mountain offers a variety of home styles ranging from modern and classic colonials, to timeless Tudors. While construction dates as far back as the 1930’s, many of these special homes have been renovated and enlarged, combining vintage architecture with the modern conveniences of today.

South Mountain School named 22nd Best Elementary School in America-2015 


Historic Wyoming was founded as a colonial settlement, and later became the home of mills and manufacturing.  It was also the first real estate development project in the area when the Wyoming Land and Improvement Company purchased it in 1872.  (Yep, that’s how it got it’s name!  I knew you were wondering!)

Today, reflecting its down-to-earth origins, Wyoming offers a broad range of housing, from ranches and colonials, to Modern mid-modern homes of the 1950s, all located on lovely tree-lined streets.

Located within walking distance of Wyoming Elementary, parks, the Midtown Direct train, South Mountain Reservation, and the Wyoming Tennis Club, residents of this lovely community enjoy all the conveniences found in Millburn Township.

Maplewood Township has begun offering the residents of the Wyoming section of Millburn Township the opportunity to use its jitney service to the Maplewood train station. The new extension provides two additional stops. There are six scheduled jitney pick-ups in the morning at each of the two stops, the first at Glen Avenue and Cypress Street, the second at Wyoming Avenue and Maple Street. Jitney stop signs mark the locations. The cost of the ride is $1 each way.

Wyoming School named 4th Best Elementary School in America-2015