Find Gas Near Your Millburn/Short Hills home

Gas Near your Millburn/Short Hills homeI’ve learned a lot in the last week since Hurricane Sandy barreled through our New Jersey towns.  It used to be that my day to day activities were focused on the search for a Millburn/Short Hills home listing or meeting with clients and friends.  Now, however, my search is limited to finding a full gas station or a working ATM, as is the case for many residents living in Millburn/Short Hills.

My search at least came to an end, thankfully this morning.  Gas rationing has begun and I found a gas station in Summit, located on River Road, by The Broadway Diner, that had working pumps!  Yesterday I waited in line at another station only to be turned away, but this morning I realized that I only had 80 miles of gas left and knew something needed to be done immediately.  I was very blessed to have been chosen in gas rations to be one of the first in the mile long line to purchase gas.

So… I went to wait in line and I thought about how lucky we are to have just lost power in our towns. Yes, it’s difficult, but it’s nothing compared to the devastation in some areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.  While waiting, some amazingly nice people from Congregation Beth Hatikvah (I believe) brought donuts and coffee to those of us in line.  It was a literal God-send!  This is the type of thing that you’ll find in our New Jersey communities and I’m glad I was there to witness it.

Lines near your Millburn/Short Hills homeI only had to wait a little over two hours (not bad compared to some people) and when I finally got to the pump I discovered that they weren’t taking credit cards!  I suppose I should have anticipated this with no electricity throughout  our towns, but it was still a shock.  I had waited so long!

In Summit, New Jersey and all of our towns, however, people really care about each other.  The workers at the gas station were SO nice about it and in broken English we agreed that I would come back with the $50.  I couldn’t believe it – I was so grateful!  To my surprise, two seconds later a woman behind me in a car offered me $50 in cash so I could pay for the gas and I wrote her a check. Wow, these small random acts of kindness are what keep me going and are examples of why I live in Chatham NJ.  I love our community, and the fact that even in times of extreme crisis, we, as neighbors watch out for one another.  Thank you, New Jersey!

Glennwood Crosswalk near your Millburn/Short Hills homeBy the way, I saw that the gas station on Morris turnpike, across from Benihana’s in Millburn, NJ was pumping this morning, too.  I’m trying to post and share more updates like these to Facebook as I get more news that you may need, so you can follow my Facebook page here.